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W4W Distributes Kentucky’s Basic Economic Security Tables™

The Basic Economic Security Tables™ (BEST) for Kentucky was released on June 14, 2011 by Women 4 Women and Wider Opportunities for Women (WOW). The report includes the comprehensive BEST Index, which calculates the monthly income necessary for families to cover their basic expenses, including childcare, housing, health care, transportation, savings and retirement.

According to the report, single workers in Kentucky need to earn $23,988 a year, or more than $11 an hour – almost 60% higher than the annual minimum wage of $15,312 -- just to cover basic expenses. Single parents require twice that income ($47,316 a year, or more than $22 an hour) to support themselves and two children, while dual-income households with two children require $57,048 a year.

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Since then, additional research has been completed. To read updated reports, click the links below: (add the attached chart around here somewhere

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Additional information about the 2010 release of Kentucky’s Basic Economic Security Tables

KY BEST Community Forums - Louisville

Two community forums were held recently to conduct community conversations about how to understand and apply the information in the BEST report.

KY BEST Reports

What are the 2010 Kentucky's Basic Economic Security Tables™?

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Click here for a two-page sample of BEST tables for Kentucky and Louisville.


The 2010 Kentucky Basic Economic Security Tables™ (BEST) are available below from Wider Opportunities for Women.

Special Appreciation

Women 4 Women would like to thank Wider Opportunities for Women for developing the Basic Economic Security Tables™ (BEST) and working to create economic independence for women and families in Kentucky and across the nation.

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